Supernatural: The End of an Era

One of my favourite TV shows of all time is coming to an end. It’s hard to express just what this show means to me, but I gave it a go in no less than 2000 words…

It was at some point between late 2007 and early 2008 that I first discovered Supernatural.

I was no older than 20 and the show would have been in its third season. I’d popped into my mum’s room one evening where she sat watching an episode of the show with my brother – Glen – who was then aged 15, and is now a 27 year-old husband and father!

I plonked myself down beside them and five minutes later I was hooked. In short, Supernatural is a genre-blending show following Sam and Dean Winchester played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. They’re brothers who travel the road in their ’67 Impala… “Saving people, hunting things, the family business.” At least that’s how it started out.

This was back before on demand and catch-up so I ordered a boxset which included seasons one, two and three plus bonus material, and gots to the binge-watching. More than twelve years later (maybe closer to thirteen?) I’m still a fan. Mum and Glen didn’t keep up with it, but my aunty Jacki and cousin Yasmin were both fans and are still watching now, so we regularly discuss the show. One of the best things about a good TV series is that it brings people together. And Supernatural has done that in an unparalleled way for fans across the globe.

I watched the show each week and continued to buy the boxsets.

The Winchester boys were with me in 2009 when I moved into the YMCA and began to forge my own path – it was a difficult time. But getting lost in an episode where the boys took down a vamp nest or saved someone from a murderous spirit, provided me with some much-needed distraction. I was rooting for these characters to prevail against the odds, beat the bad and find the peace they were looking for.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I too was fighting to find peace.

Untitled design

They were there as I worked hard for my foundation degree at college, and they were there throughout 2011 – a year saturated with change and emotional upheaval. I left the YMCA at the start of 2012 and had four house moves over the space of 18 months… Supernatural helped sustain me. Not just the episodes, but I would find myself watching outtakes on YouTube and listening to the soundtrack – the show had given me a new appreciation for classic rock!

The boys were there when I struggled through university, battling with the undiagnosed illness I’d had since 2007 whilst dealing with more than my fair share of stress. I somehow managed to graduate in 2013 with a 2:1 and an award from the Student Union for my fundraising work. Supernatural was there for me when things weren’t going right, and it was there when they were.

I enjoy a lot of film and TV, but this show is integrated into my life like no other.

When I travelled to America in 2010, I spent a few days in Hollywood and took the WB Studio tour which was brilliant – one of my travel-highlights for sure, plus I got to see the iconic costumes from the show. Once my visit to California was done, I took a flight to Vancouver so I could attend a Supernatural convention!

It was my first con experience and a real eye opener meeting other fans. I don’t recall much from the convention itself, and I actually overslept on the day I was supposed to attend the Jensen/Jared talk (mystery illness strikes again), but Vancouver was wonderful and I saw some beautiful places! Why didn’t I attend a convention in the UK? Well, once I’d realised these conventions actually existed, I had missed the UK one that year, but I did attend one in 2012 with my mum – it was held in Birmingham so much closer to home! Jensen and Jared weren’t there but the guests were still amazing, especially Jim Beaver (Bobby) and Misha Collins (Castiel)… We were enamoured with Misha!

Elsewhere in my life…

Royan (my now fiancé) has never been interested in the show, but for Valentine’s Day many years ago he managed to get hold of a signed photo with signatures from Jensen, Jared and Misha, and to this day, it’s still one of the sweetest things he’s ever done! I keep it on the fridge 😊


Fast forwarding a few years, I think it was Christmas 2015, Yasmin gifted me with Felicia Day’s memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). Felicia joined the cast of Supernatural in season seven. I was a fan of her character in the show, but I also knew her from season seven of Buffy – so, I was going to love her regardless. But as I read her book, I found we had a lot in common and I related to her on a more personal level. I wanted to be friends with this woman! I’m not too shy to admit I had a real fan-girl moment when I tweeted about the book and Felicia ‘liked’ it. Best Christmas present ever, THANKS YAS!

Felicia Day Twitter Like

Towards the end of 2016 I came across an ad looking for voice actors for the fan-made Supernatural podcast drama: Supernatural GenderSWAP.

There’s a wealth of fan art online from fanfic and personal essays to illustrations and handmade prop replicas. You can purchase Supernatural themed scrunchies on Etsy and watch fanvids on YouTube. The creativity is astounding and this radio drama is no exception.

It’s a huge ongoing project where every episode of the show is recorded with voice actors, but Sam and Dean are Samantha and Deana. I’ve had an interest in voice acting for a long time and had taken a couple classes, so when I saw this ad I had to get involved. I had a small role on episode 2.01 – “In My Time Of Dying” as Nurse2. You can listen to it here, if you’re into Supernatural and/or audio dramas you won’t be disappointed. You can hear my terrible American accent at 31 minutes in. I’m credited as Rachel Collins (Royan’s surname) which I thought was more ‘stagey’ than Bowerman!

Watching the boys take down the monsters helped me defeat my own.

I’ve lived with depression and anxiety/OCD for most of my life. The depression comes and goes, the anxiety is around most of the time and is usually manageable, but the OCD is the real monster. I’ve had lots of therapy and am now (or currently, I should say) back in the driver’s seat. I own it, it does not own me.

But there was a period of time where the intrusive thoughts would keep me awake at night. As soon as my head hit the pillow, there they were… a queue of awful thoughts and visions ready to torture me from the inside. (And it became particularly boisterous while I attempted to treat my mystery illness which was identified as late-stage Lyme disease in 2016.) I tried all the usual things for drifting off to sleep plus a few unusual things and nothing was helping. I would try to list things from A-Z like foods or places, but that didn’t work either. I then started listing characters from Supernatural. AND. IT. WORKED.

The list was sparse at first, but I now have around 70 names memorised. The intrusions were strong so I had to find new ways to do it, listing character names in order of appearance and sometimes working from Z-A. It’s no small-task! 🤓

My mind would drift and I’d bring it back to the list, eventually calming my thoughts and nodding off to sleep. The intrusions aren’t currently a problem, so I don’t need to use the list every night like I had been doing for so long – but I’ll be forever grateful to the show and my passion for it because using this technique helped to keep me from drowning in bad thoughts.

It’s funny, because you’d think that a show with so much horror, violence and gore would be a bad idea for someone vulnerable to intrusive thoughts, but I can honestly say I’ve never had a Supernatural-related intrusive thought or nightmare!

I guess watching them take down their monsters, helped me fight my own. And I’m not alone in this, after writing this mammoth essay I decided to pick up a book about the show, Family Don’t End With Blood. It’s a collection of 25 letters and essays from fans, cast and crew expressing their gratitude for the show and each other and detailing how it has genuinely changed their lives. Probably sounds a little nuts to those of you who don’t ‘get it’ but reading this book will certainly open up your mind and get you right in the feels.

Supernatural is so much more than a show…

It’s a show about saving lives that has actually saved lives. It’s a show about family that makes you feel like a family: the #SPNFamily. It’s a show where the actors are close friends in real life, which is evident in their on-screen chemistry.

The cast and crew interact with fans online and at conventions, and they have a big social conscience that continues to inspire, resulting in a wealth of kindness, creativity and fundraising.

Misha co-founded Random Acts, a charity supporting and inspiring people all around the world. He also hosts a rather unique global scavenger hunt each year which includes some pretty weird and wonderful things. I took part in the hunt back in 2015, putting together a team of 15 friends both near and far, co-hosting with my friend Katie in Australia! We submitted a pretty impressive list of things, including this team moustache collage which was item #34…


And last September I just happened to be in America for Supernatural Day – totally a thing! Hot Topic were selling a special Supernatural tee with proceeds going to Random Acts and supporting survivors of Hurricane Dorian. They/we raised a whopping $280,000!

These guys have been responsible for major fundraising and awareness work over the years, with regular campaigns and events and 2020 has been a big one for them.

Every now and then I’ll have a re-watch binge, a bit like a Disney and duvet day…

Except it takes much longer than a day to get through Supernatural! I was actually in the midst of a DVD re-watch during my MA creative writing studies in 2017 when I submitted a 1700-word article about the show for one of my feature writing projects. The tutor had never heard of Supernatural, but she graded the paper A+ so I must have done it justice! More recently I’ve been able to stream it with Amazon Prime, but they then removed it a few weeks ago – boooo! 😭

The show is now in its last season – season *FIFTEEN*

I have loved many a TV series from Buffy to Scrubs, from New Girl to GOT and TWD, but Supernatural has had a strong and constant presence in my life – for my entire twenties and then some!

It’s featured a wealth of stars like Jeffery Dean Morgan and Sterling K. Brown, and there are at least five cameos from the Buffy/Angel verse – including a whole episode centred on a married witch couple played by Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters aka Cordelia and Spike 🤩

Of course, some seasons are better than others, the writing has been somewhat questionable at times (but exceptional at others) and the ratings have understandably dropped since 2005 – but season 14 averaged 2.07 million US viewers (couldn’t find the UK stats), and that’s still A LOT of viewers.

I’ve stayed for the characters because like most Supernatural fans, I’m invested. We need to see how this ends!

The show has dealt with some pretty heavy topics, the kind you wouldn’t expect to find in a series about the paranormal, but it also manages to bring the jokes, and in addition to all that, it’s provided us with a wealth of GIFs. In fact, Supernatural is probably the most GIF-ed show of all time, there’s even a whole bunch of non-episode GIFs like this adorable clip from an EW photoshoot…


Supernatural means a lot of things to a lot of people, and the fans are super passionate, so I’ve no doubt that the show will remain in our hearts and our Twitter feeds long after that final episode airs, but it’s going to be an emotional end.

It’s hard to convey what the show means to me or what it stands for. I began writing this blog at the start of the year, it soon turned into an essay and I’ve since been re-working it! But when forced to summarise I’d have to say… I’ve grown with the show. I’m a better version of myself because of it. Watching Supernatural has encouraged parts of my personality to shine that may not have surfaced otherwise. It’s influenced my writing and interests, it led me to my first convention (which led to my second and I have since been to a Buffy/Angel con and am a now a regular at LFCC) it even helped hone my organisational skills to lead a scavenger hunt across countries and time zones!

I guess I just want to thank everyone involved with the show, for more than a decade of entertainment, distraction, inspiration and connections… I’ll see you at the UK convention in September 2021 😊