When your skin just won’t play by the rules

I’ve never had great skin, it’s thin and kind of pale. It scars easily and is home to more than 100 moles (no joke, I counted). As soon as puberty hit I had an acne problem.

My pores developed and became quite large, I had lots of blackheads and the odd angry pimple but it rarely bothered me because I was a teenager and most of my friends were having the same problem.

Unfortunately it never really went away and after my big weight loss, the adult acne appeared. It was big, angry and painful. It’s been around for more than two years now and I’m absolutely sick of it. I’m even sicker of people telling me “it’s not that bad” and it’s “just a few spots”. I don’t know if those are poor attempts at making me feel less self conscious or just mindless words from people who have never felt the pain of cystic acne, but it’s super patronising.

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