Each year autumn arrives, dazzles the masses with colourful displays and eerie mists then ruins your garden and your hair.

I am not a fan of raking leaves and I don’t enjoy arriving at work looking dishevelled, but I do love autumn.

The sunsets are beautiful and clear night skies are in abundance. A few weeks ago the mist and fog set in and it stayed put all day Sunday. I made a visit to my local park and was surprised to be in the company of so many others. Visibility was poor but people were out with their dogs, their children and their bikes. I was there with my camera.

Photography is a part-time hobby and as with most things you enjoy doing, you always wish you had a bit more time to commit to it. I recently had a few days off work and was able to do a maternity-shoot with my sister. It was so much fun and the results were beautiful. This experience, accompanied by the buzz of autumnal photography has got my passion revved up again and I’ve started to populate a Flickr account.

I’d like to start up a small photography business and Flickr makes a good alternative to the more traditional portfolio. If you have a Flickr account and are using it for business – I’d love to know how it’s going, feel free to follow me or leave a comment below.

Getting stuff done

Getting stuff doneFor many months now I’ve been telling my other half that I’ll head out on a Sunday morning and take some action shots of his football team during a match. It was one of those ‘maybe next week’ things thanks to the weather and my varying degrees of self-motivation. Until today!

Armed with my new Nikon D3200 and two lenses, I braved the masses of parked cars, players and people, to stand on the sidelines for 45 minutes, taking snaps of my man (playing left back) and his team.

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New camera

I have a new camera and I LOVE IT.

Thank you Nikon, I bought the D3200 with two lenses, a bag, a spare battery and a cleaning cloth, all for a very reasonable price.

I probably shouldn’t have made this kind of purchase so close to Christmas but I have been looking for a while – since I returned from New York in March and realised the LCD glass on my EOS 1100D had been damaged during travel (sad face).

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Tulips in bloom

TulipIt’s been several weeks since I last wrote a blog entry but I have been a busy lady. Finally working full-time and loving it, I’ve had a few days off this week (due to a minor operation) and even bought some work home with me to keep me occupied.

Having a much-needed routine Monday to Friday, and the extra money has helped me get back to my love of photography, but there’s one problem- my camera has broken! So it has been sent off for repairs and I sadly won’t be seeing it for a while. On the plus side I do have a fabulous new phone with a great camera itself, so I have been using that to experiment with.

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New York, New York.

NYC I went to the big apple at the start of March, a sight seeing trip- generously paid for by my mother. 

That’s us in the photo… it was FREEZING.

I’ve visited the city four times now and am quite happy to potter about the place on my own, soaking up the atmosphere and mixing in with the locals. Most people head to NYC for the shopping and let’s face it, The Statue of Liberty. However, I’d already ‘been there, done that’ so I booked myself onto a photography tour of Manhattan at night.

It was beautiful and I took some amazing shots, the kind you get blown up and hang on your wall. If you’re heading to the worlds most famous city, I definitely recommend taking a step away from the big crowds for a few hours and participating in something similar.

My tour was with Citifari, whom I found through extensive research using Tripadvisor and daily deal websites.

NYC Radio City NYC Grand Central  NYC light play