Hearing Voices

On my list of ‘things to do’ along with writing a book, is another creative item. Voice over work.

From a very young age I enjoyed singing and performing but I had crippling stage fright so had convinced myself that I could be “one of those voices on the cartoons”, the people who sang Disney soundtracks weren’t watched by a live audience – so maybe that was a direction I could go in?

I never did anything about it of course and it fell by the way side with a few other things.

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A path left untaken

Vancouver cityscapeSomewhere in a parallel universe is a version of me living and working in Canada.

Last year I worked my butt off and spent a considerable amount of time and money securing myself an IEC Canadian Work Permit and a spot on the Work Canada programme.

It was and still is a dream of mine to fly across the pond to the far west side of the second largest country in the world and land firmly in British Columbia to set up home in the coastal seaport city of Vancouver. With the right documents I could stay for up to 12 months, sampling a real big slice of the Canadian way of life.

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