2015 in the rearview mirror (of my new car)

We all go through ups and downs and 2015 was far from a stress free year, you know the deal: one minute your flying high loving life and the next your crying into your pj’s, drowning your sorrows away with 3lbs of chocolate and an Indian takeaway.

Our glasses should always be (at least) half full with something fancy, so at the end of the year I like to take some time and reflect on my recent experiences.

Even the bad ones – the idea is that you move forward into the next chapter with the right luggage, kind of like an inventory.

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Travel yourself interesting

Travel yourself interestingYou’ve probably seen this one during the commercial breaks on TV and paid it very little attention, but this is one of very few adverts around right now that has some real insight behind it.

From the creative’s at Ogilvy and Mather London, Expedia’s Travel Yourself Interesting campaign has actually been around for a while now, but the latest instalment really hits the nail on the head.

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