Raise your glasses

Growing up, I had great eye sight- right until I was about 21, I thought I had missed the family sight problems.

Unfortunately I started getting headaches from watching the TV and struggled to see in low light without straining my eyes.

Fast forward six years and now I need them for almost everything. There was a time in fashion/society when wearing goggles was ‘so not cool’ but luckily for me, glasses are ‘so in these days’.

Even Sponge Bob has a pair of uber-cool geek glasses.

I’m on my third pair of spectacles and this time have opted for tortoise shell-green frames, a little more sophisticated than my last pair (black frames, geek sheik).

The reason I’m discussing my glasses isn’t just to fill a blog post, but these bad boys have a couple of benefits (aside from the gift of sight) that some people just don’t appreciate.

  1. Blocking the Suicide Fly

Suicide Fly’s, they’re a thing. You know those flies that just head straight for your peepers like an arrow from Robin Hoods bow?

Well wearing glasses is inadvertent bug protection at its finest.

  1. Pointy objects

A few weeks ago I was struggling through the wind and rain on my way to work; battling is probably a better word. Anyway, my glasses protected me from a very disobedient umbrella, which could have caused a considerable amount of pain. Thank you myopia.

However, if there’s one down side to wind and glasses, it’s the hair issue. On more than one occasion my bangs have found themselves caught between my face and my frames… blowing around like those tassels people attach to their desk fans. Not a good look and extremely frustrating!