When you like what you do

Certain things from my school days will always be missed… a good game of Rounder’s on the field, the smell of fresh sausage rolls at break time and swapping papers at the end of a test to mark each others answers.

I’ve always enjoyed taking a red pen and correcting other peoples work which is why I’m just oh-so-pleased with one of my recent projects at work.

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MACS Magazine

At the start of February I joined a small and friendly office in Pinewood Studios to write for MACS Magazine for a week. I really enjoyed my time there, the staff were lovely and the location was great.

I have a passion for words so although I wasn’t writing creative advertising copy, it didn’t matter because I was still writing! By the end of my first day I had completed four lifestyle articles, and by the end of the week I had written more than 20. Here’s the link to my MACS Magazine portfolio… unfortunately with a few articles missing:


I also gained experience with WordPress, tagging articles and adding keywords… I’m sure this mini-internship will help me along the road to success.