Tulips in bloom

TulipIt’s been several weeks since I last wrote a blog entry but I have been a busy lady. Finally working full-time and loving it, I’ve had a few days off this week (due to a minor operation) and even bought some work home with me to keep me occupied.

Having a much-needed routine Monday to Friday, and the extra money has helped me get back to my love of photography, but there’s one problem- my camera has broken! So it has been sent off for repairs and I sadly won’t be seeing it for a while. On the plus side I do have a fabulous new phone with a great camera itself, so I have been using that to experiment with.

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Looking forward

Easter treatsHappy Easter folks.

I’ve spent most of the day feeling like I’ve no purpose and that is not a fun feeling! Having spent the morning making our way back from Bournemouth and then an hour or two napping once home, I then melted down some chocolate to make rice krispie cakes in an attempt to keep myself occupied.

Whilst it’s nice to have some time off and relax a little, I am a fan of a good routine, so tomorrow it’s back to business… a gym sesh, food shopping and some paperwork.

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New York, New York.

NYC I went to the big apple at the start of March, a sight seeing trip- generously paid for by my mother. 

That’s us in the photo… it was FREEZING.

I’ve visited the city four times now and am quite happy to potter about the place on my own, soaking up the atmosphere and mixing in with the locals. Most people head to NYC for the shopping and let’s face it, The Statue of Liberty. However, I’d already ‘been there, done that’ so I booked myself onto a photography tour of Manhattan at night.

It was beautiful and I took some amazing shots, the kind you get blown up and hang on your wall. If you’re heading to the worlds most famous city, I definitely recommend taking a step away from the big crowds for a few hours and participating in something similar.

My tour was with Citifari, whom I found through extensive research using Tripadvisor and daily deal websites.

NYC Radio City NYC Grand Central  NYC light play

Curly Girly

curly girlyJohn Frieda are at it again, telling us women how their products can magically transform our hair.

There’s one reason I like this ad and it’s down to that little girl and her hair in the picture… this reminds me of my mother and I, many moons ago. So they’e got the insight right, it’s just a shame the products don’t live up to the promise of amazingly frizz free curls.

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MACS Magazine

At the start of February I joined a small and friendly office in Pinewood Studios to write for MACS Magazine for a week. I really enjoyed my time there, the staff were lovely and the location was great.

I have a passion for words so although I wasn’t writing creative advertising copy, it didn’t matter because I was still writing! By the end of my first day I had completed four lifestyle articles, and by the end of the week I had written more than 20. Here’s the link to my MACS Magazine portfolio… unfortunately with a few articles missing:


I also gained experience with WordPress, tagging articles and adding keywords… I’m sure this mini-internship will help me along the road to success.