Waiting for answers

My MRI was back in June. June 17th to be precise. I was in the machine for 45 minutes whilst my brain and c-spine were being imaged.

Four weeks later I still hadn’t heard anything – I called the neurology secretary but there was no answer. I left a message but no one called back. Eventually around week five I managed to speak with someone.

I was told that my neurologist, busy man that he is, wouldn’t be looking at my results until the first or perhaps second week of August.

I wasn’t to worry because anything troublesome would be flagged and I’d have been contacted immediately.

Here’s the thing: a seven week wait?! Seven weeks? Even after he’s reviewed them I’ll be left waiting for a letter and a follow up appointment.

I have four more scans in the pipeline, a referral to an infectious disease doc and a lumbar puncture on the horizon. If there’s this long a wait in between things it’ll be a good 18 months before I’m receiving any kind of treatment surely?

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Neurology appointment 1

This time last week I had just had my first neurology appointment. I’d booked the earliest slot available (three months in advance), had chosen my hospital wisely, and had even researched the listed Doctors to ensure I was giving myself the best shot!

I arrived at 8am, was greeted by two very friendly staff members and then had a short wait followed by a 15 minute appointment with the Neurologist who was super helpful and informative.

I listed my symptoms, gave him a brief run through of my medical history and presented him with my test results. He asked a few questions and tested a few of my reflexes. My tremor was active, which was pretty impressive timing and definitely helped state my case!

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Me and Lyme disease: the short story.

Back in February, I was exhausted, ill and all out of patience. The last GP I had presented my troubles to suggested I seek counselling. She wasn’t even willing to discuss the possibility that something physical was responsible for so many seemingly unrelated issues (from migraines to muscle spasms, and some things you won’t want to read about).

So I took to Google with one of my more embarrassing issues and up popped Lyme disease. My mother had mentioned it earlier in the week so I started reading about it. It was all there. Every single problem I’ve had over the last nine years could be put down to Lyme.

“You’ve not been right since you returned from America that second time.” Mum kept saying, and she was right. One morning, soon after returning from New Hampshire in 2007, I’d woken up feeling like I’d been hit with flu, my face covered in white pustules and a thick oily slime. I was retaining water everywhere and had rashes on my elbows and knees. I felt hideous!

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2015 in the rearview mirror (of my new car)

We all go through ups and downs and 2015 was far from a stress free year, you know the deal: one minute your flying high loving life and the next your crying into your pj’s, drowning your sorrows away with 3lbs of chocolate and an Indian takeaway.

Our glasses should always be (at least) half full with something fancy, so at the end of the year I like to take some time and reflect on my recent experiences.

Even the bad ones – the idea is that you move forward into the next chapter with the right luggage, kind of like an inventory.

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Each year autumn arrives, dazzles the masses with colourful displays and eerie mists then ruins your garden and your hair.

I am not a fan of raking leaves and I don’t enjoy arriving at work looking dishevelled, but I do love autumn.

The sunsets are beautiful and clear night skies are in abundance. A few weeks ago the mist and fog set in and it stayed put all day Sunday. I made a visit to my local park and was surprised to be in the company of so many others. Visibility was poor but people were out with their dogs, their children and their bikes. I was there with my camera.

Photography is a part-time hobby and as with most things you enjoy doing, you always wish you had a bit more time to commit to it. I recently had a few days off work and was able to do a maternity-shoot with my sister. It was so much fun and the results were beautiful. This experience, accompanied by the buzz of autumnal photography has got my passion revved up again and I’ve started to populate a Flickr account.

I’d like to start up a small photography business and Flickr makes a good alternative to the more traditional portfolio. If you have a Flickr account and are using it for business – I’d love to know how it’s going, feel free to follow me or leave a comment below.

Hearing Voices

On my list of ‘things to do’ along with writing a book, is another creative item. Voice over work.

From a very young age I enjoyed singing and performing but I had crippling stage fright so had convinced myself that I could be “one of those voices on the cartoons”, the people who sang Disney soundtracks weren’t watched by a live audience – so maybe that was a direction I could go in?

I never did anything about it of course and it fell by the way side with a few other things.

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Working Title

I often struggle to get going with a blog post, it’s beyond frustrating. I enjoy writing and I’ve got plenty say, I just find the initial start up difficult. It’s like having a blocked nose but not being able to blow it. Nice visual right? Sorry.

It’s not just blog posts; I’m actually keen on putting a book together. I’ve been keeping diaries since the early 2000’s and I’ve planned on using them to write a memoir for a long time. The problem is, I just can’t seem to get my butt in gear.

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