August was a busy month, and it taught me a valuable lesson. As my doctor put it: my battery isn’t the same size as everybody else’s and it’s far less efficient.


As per my previous blog post, I had visited Ireland for a wedding and put my best ‘healthy face’ on to enjoy the celebrations. I wasn’t well though and had to visit the pharmacy on the morning of the wedding. Later on in the day back pain arrived, and towards the end of the evening, a fever. But unless I had told you, you wouldn’t know. And this is because like most chronically ill people, I suck it up and keep going till I can’t go anymore.

Also, I’m entitled to have a good time and often get a bit stubborn with myself when it comes to listening to my body… lesson learned. By the time I arrived back at Heathrow a few days later, I had tremors in both arms and slurred speech. I had spilt coffee down my front (not unusual for me but I’m painting a picture here) and I experienced what can only be described as pure exhaustion. Not the kind you get after a long week at work, but the kind that has you bedbound for three days. It’s called post-exertional malaise and effects most people with chronic illness and disease.


On top of the Lyme disease and all its many symptoms, a recent blood test had highlighted that I was deficient in vitamin D. Red blotches had appeared under every fingernail and they were now sporting ridges and cracks.

One GP prescribed me something called Calcichew which wasn’t even going to touch the sides of my deficiency so another GP prescribed me one cholecalciferol ampoule per week, for six weeks.


The temperature spikes were becoming more frequent and finally a kidney infection reared its ugly self. A short course of antibiotics and that was (at least) one problem dealt with.

I’m almost at the end of my cholecalciferol prescription treatment and have also been taking an O-T-C supplement every day and will continue to do so. My nails are slowly healing and I am only just starting to feel more capable, something I also attribute to the daily B12 vitamin I’m taking.

I dragged myself through August and had hoped September would be quieter but it involved nerve conduction studies at two different hospitals, a visit to the GP, five trips to university, the juggling of my dwindling day job and the odd social event.


Last week I left my day job. Something I should have done sooner if I had been listening to my body. But I was well supported and I had a plan in place.

That plan is finally taking form. I’m at uni one day a week, it provides me with a bit of focus and a goal whilst I spend the rest of the week taking care of myself and figuring out how to kick Lyme in the butt. This includes giving hyperbaric oxygen treatment a try whilst waiting for NHS reports and appointments, and taking my mind off of the big stuff by baking delicious gluten free goodies when I’m capable.



I’m not always capable; yesterday I cremated vegetables on the hob.


Author: Rachel

Content Exec by day, TV show addict by night. Fighting #LymeDisease 24/7. Brunel MA Grad Creative Writing: The Novel

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