2015 in the rearview mirror (of my new car)

We all go through ups and downs and 2015 was far from a stress free year, you know the deal: one minute your flying high loving life and the next your crying into your pj’s, drowning your sorrows away with 3lbs of chocolate and an Indian takeaway.

Our glasses should always be (at least) half full with something fancy, so at the end of the year I like to take some time and reflect on my recent experiences.

Even the bad ones – the idea is that you move forward into the next chapter with the right luggage, kind of like an inventory.

So what good did 2015 bring?

-In March we celebrated my boyf’s 30th birthday with a weekend in London – sightseeing, theatre and good food.

-In April we went up to Yorkshire and spent a few days with my Nan.

-In May we celebrated Mum’s 50th birthday and I went all-out-Monica on the organisation of a special meal with our nearest and dearest.

-In July I went to the London Film and Television Comic Con and met a couple of my favourite sci-fi actors.

-In September my brother and I went on a half-day shooting experience with Dad and channelled our inner huntsmen – turns out I’m a regular Daryl Dixon.

-By October the motivation to progress myself had taken hold and I took classes in voice over acting and creative writing.

-November helped deliver my nephew and on the very last day of December I put my photography skills out into the world of social media facebook.com/monkeybananaportraits.

Other good things include discovering the root of my back problem, benefiting from Pilates, beating adult acne (with a five month course of Roaccutane), reading at least five books, writing my first short story, completing three online courses and still having enough time to spend at least 120 hours on Netflix.

Throw in a hen do, two weddings, a ladies night, a baby shower, a couple of spa weekends, a family reunion… and yeah you know what? 2015 was a freaking great year! I even perfected my baking skills and bought a car on finance, unrelated items but I’m throwing them both in the mix too!

I may have spent quite a few weekends crying ‘just coz’, work did get super stressful at that one point in whenever, and I may have closed the door on a friendship or two. I may have had some sleepless nights, I may have let the voice of self-doubt creep in and shit may have ‘got real’ at times but I tried my best, I pushed myself to do better and actually I did a great job.

If there’s one good thing you can do for yourself at the start of a new year (that doesn’t involve exercise), it’s making the decision to move forward with only your best bits.

As irony would have it, I have written this post whilst recovering from a small but intrusive operation. However, at the end of this year I hope to look back at this week, not with – damn I was in a lot of pain and feeling pretty sorry myself but with – remember that week I applied for postgrad study, discovered Master of None on Netflix and made an awesome batch of gluten free brownies?

You get the idea.


Author: Rachel

Content Exec by day, TV show addict by night. Fighting #LymeDisease 24/7. Brunel MA Grad Creative Writing: The Novel

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