Hearing Voices

On my list of ‘things to do’ along with writing a book, is another creative item. Voice over work.

From a very young age I enjoyed singing and performing but I had crippling stage fright so had convinced myself that I could be “one of those voices on the cartoons”, the people who sang Disney soundtracks weren’t watched by a live audience – so maybe that was a direction I could go in?

I never did anything about it of course and it fell by the way side with a few other things.

Recently I had an energising burst of positivity, it’s dwindled now but whilst it was here I booked myself a spot on a voice over workshop in London. It was a really insightful day and I’d recommend the class to anyone with a similar interest.

The company are aptly named ‘The Showreel’ and based at Soho Recording Studios. The beginner’s workshop consisted of a small group of us learning the basics and reading a few scripts from behind the mic. JP, the voice coach, was really helpful and emailed detailed feedback after the workshop had ended.

I’ve now got the option to book a follow up one to one session that will help with voice development and performance. The only thing I need to decide is if it is actually something I want to invest my time and money in.

Either way, I’m just pleased to have finally done something about this dream, no matter how big, small or longstanding it may have been.

Everyone has a path left untravelled. Why not see if yours is still there?

Author: Rachel

Content Exec by day, TV show addict by night. Fighting #LymeDisease 24/7. Brunel MA Grad Creative Writing: The Novel

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