When you like what you do

Certain things from my school days will always be missed… a good game of Rounder’s on the field, the smell of fresh sausage rolls at break time and swapping papers at the end of a test to mark each others answers.

I’ve always enjoyed taking a red pen and correcting other peoples work which is why I’m just oh-so-pleased with one of my recent projects at work.

I took a 43 page section of the website and went to town on that bad boy. There were spelling mistakes, an overload of text and some bits of information so patronising it was offensive. Add to that some poorly chosen stock images and the repetition of documents -the section was just a mess.

With several tons of unnecessary copy out of the way (I do enjoy hitting delete), I moved on to spell check, grammar and presentation.

When writing for the web it’s important to create copy that people can scan quickly so they can find the information they’re looking for. Bold headings, plenty of chunking and bullet points –these are a content writer’s sharpest tools.

Without them, web copy is hard to read, painful to look at and just not serving its purpose.

I’ve taught myself some useful snippets of html source code, so I can now create accordions or ‘drop-down tabs’. This was handy for editing the almost four-dozen pages in front of me and once I’d finished and counted the remaining pages I was pleased and proud- nine! Just nine pages of information, all of them useful, looking pretty and serving their purpose.

I did of course check the page analytics before discarding anything important!

Author: Rachel

Content Exec by day, TV show addict by night. Fighting #LymeDisease 24/7. Brunel MA Grad Creative Writing: The Novel

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