If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right

Customer serviceWhatever happened to the customer is always right?

In the last week or two I’ve had a discrepancy with two major food retailers.

One of them was relied upon to deliver my weekly shopping, they missed a whole bag which amounted to around £7 worth of food- numerous calls were made and I was told someone would call back, the food would be redelivered… they didn’t and it wasn’t.

Eventually the money was refunded, along with the promise of a £10 voucher that never arrived. When I called to flag this, the customer service agent on the other end of the phone informed me that there were no notes on the system about compensation and that they wouldn’t offer that much money anyway, “honestly…” he said. I ended up with a free delivery pass, which was useful but still, someone wasn’t doing his or her job properly.

Next up is the local grocery store- a big chain retailer. I go in this store at least twice a week but last Friday I was served by the most immature, childlike employee I’ve ever come across. Long story short, there was a problem with my receipt and not only did this guy fail to help me out, he actually mocked me… in a different language!

Disgusting behaviour really, people don’t realise how much their own actions can affect the day of another.

So here’s the moral of the blogpost- do your job properly, with care and concern, or don’t do it at all.

Author: Rachel

Content Exec by day, TV show addict by night. Fighting #LymeDisease 24/7. Brunel MA Grad Creative Writing: The Novel

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