Welcome to my little corner of the Internet

My passion for writing has been a constant throughout my life but I’ve dipped in and out of blogging since 2009. When I joined WordPress I promised myself I’d blog regularly and not drop the ball but I took a little hiatus in 2017 while I was busy completing my MA. I studied Creative Writing: The Novel at Brunel and am now typing my way to a debut novel that currently resembles something between Stranger Things and an episode of Revenge. Kinda.

My twenties were plagued by a mysterious illness that turned out to be Lyme disease. It was nine years down the line before I pieced it all together and there’s a very long road to recovery. I became involved with Lyme Disease UK soon after I realised what I was dealing with, and have been volunteering with the organisation ever since.

Along with writing, I also enjoy a bit of photography, baking, and binge watching via Prime or Netflix.

I ❤ Supernatural.

I live in High Wycombe with my fiancè, Royan, and our poochon pup, Rupert. Life has thrown us some serious curveballs over the last decade but we persevere and keep on trucking. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – and in my case, a better writer!

Thanks for stopping by,