Welcome to my little corner of the Internet

My passion for writing has been a constant throughout my life but I’ve dipped in and out of blogging since 2009. When I joined WordPress I promised myself I’d blog regularly and not drop the ball but I took a little hiatus in 2017 while I was busy completing my MA. I studied Creative Writing: The Novel at Brunel and am now typing my way to a debut novel that currently resembles something between Stranger Things and an episode of Revenge. Kinda.

My twenties were plagued by a mysterious illness that turned out to be Lyme disease. It was nine years down the line before I pieced it all together and there’s a very long road to recovery. I became involved with Lyme Disease UK soon after I realised what I was dealing with, and have been volunteering with the organisation ever since.

Along with writing, I enjoy a bit of photography, taking care of my health and watching Supernatural. I live with my fiancé in South Bucks, and for a short period of time we had a lovely ginger kitty called Rufus. Life has thrown us some serious curveballs over the last decade but we persevere and keep on trucking. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – and in my case, a better writer!

Thanks for stopping by,